We are based in East London and come under the South London District. We are a Congregation dedicated to winning souls for Christ and providing an environment where people will meet with and grow in Christ and in so doing transform our community. We do this in a loving and caring manner.  Being a branch of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Christ congregation is established on scripture, the power of the Holy Spirit; in the name of Jesus Christ as manifested in the works of the Basel missionaries, Scottish missionaries, West-Indian missionaries of African descent as well as Indigenous missionaries. 

Prayer request


  • As you visit us, seek to know more about us and allow yourself to be ministered to. We desire, above all, that your visit will bring a continuous improvement in your personal relationship with Christ and we indeed invite you to join the CHRIST FAMILY..

Our objectives:

  • To build up members for every work of ministry through Christian Education.
  • Reach out to all humanity through Missions and Evangelism.
  • Establish members of the congregation, raising their levels of commitment in order to minister to themselves, their families, the church and the community at large through Pastoral Ministry