Children service,

Junior Youth,

Young People’s Guild

Pre-school children

The Pre-school children aged between 8mths and 3yrs which we plan to separate the toddlers from over 2yrs are currently 10 in number and are taught by Miss Bridget Annim and Mrs Agnes Asante.


The Primary are aged between 4 and 7 and are 9 in enrolment taught by Mrs Abigail Aborah.

Junior Youth

The Junior Youth who are taught by Miss Theresa Nyankson are 7 in number aged 8 to 11


The Youth aged 12 and above are taught by me Felicia Akese-Boamah are 10 in membeship.


The curriculum we followed this year was based on stories from the bible. We start every Sunday service by learning a new song collectively before sharing their experiences of how Jesus was present in their lives during the past week. The remaining time is used for Bible lessons, Bible quotations recitals are also given as assignment.


Sunday School participated in all activities in the church throughout the year. Our play about the birth of Christ and the appellations of Jesus Christ during last year carols service was amazing. We did participate in father’s and mothers days services which gave us the opportunity to appreciate the parents with plays and poem recitals.

The youth took up all responsibilities from Bible reading, liturgy, intercessory prayer to offering prayer during youth day in the month of March.

Welcoming our Reverend EDITH ADOBEA ADDO YOBO after her pastoral course and during her induction and thanksgiving service was another major event in the year which the Sunday School was activity involved. Our performances was so melodramatic that our Revernd’s happy tear was seen at church.


Celebration of birthdays in class is one source of entertainment in the Sunday School. Almost every Sunday there is a birthday celebration which stimulate children to come to Church regularly. Our Christmas outing to McDonalds made the children happier than ever whiles our occasional performances at church motivate them to be present at church every week. We thank the Almighty God for all His blessings and mercies on this ministry and pray that His abounding mercies may continue in the years to come on all our kids.