Statistics :

The year begun with 21 members, but with the Grace of God we have 3 new members who are yet to be officially accepted into the Fellowship.

Church life:

The group meets every second Saturday of the month, from 4pm-6pm. Activities include prayer sessions, bible studies and learning of songs.

Notable Events

The group was inaugurated into the District in July, 2014. It was a joyous occasion and notable landmark for the group and this July 2015 saw the first anniversary of this event.

Future plans:

We plan to increase our meeting hours in order to complete our plan of work. It is our hope that we visit non-active members in order to ensure church growth. Also, we plan on arranging open forums to allow members of the group to bring their views for the development of the group. Then again, we plan to arrange with medical personnel to give health talks to create awareness on vital health conditions.


We are grateful to the Lord almighty for how far He has brought us.
On behalf of the Christ Congregation Women’s fellowship, we thank the members for their effortless work during this year. Let us continue to let our light shine before men, so that, they may see our good works and glorify our father in heaven.