And I told them of the hand of my God, which was good upon me, as also, the King’s words that he had spoken unto me. And they said let us rise and build. So they strengthened their hands for the good work.

Nehemiah 2:18 Since our Christ Congregation Young Adult Fellowship (YAF) started in December 2012, there has been enormous progress in the activities in this year 2015 and we hope it continues in the years to come. Membership


YAF started with 20 members, comprising 4 male and 16 female and we can now boost of about 35 people. We have 6 executive officers that lead the group to participate in all kinds of activities organised at district and local level, but unfortunately three of the officers were inactive due to other higher positions gained in the Church and their involvement in two or more groups in the Church. This goes to explain how the Young Adults Fellowship have stepped forward to build our church and plan to continue to do in the future. We have matron who helps when we need advice from the Presbyters of the church and he helps to carry our needs to them as well. 

 Aims and objectives

It is our goal to find ourselves in all the group activities in the church so that holding of leadership positions in the Church in the Church will not be difficult for us in the years to come. We want to organise fundraising to generate money for the group. Church life: There has been a consistent effort for the group to meet every 4th Sunday of every month, from 1:00pm -3:00 pm. We sometimes have emergency meetings when the need arises. The executives meet on the 2nd Sunday of every month to discuss pending issues before it gets to the general members. YAF”s main aim of meetings includes general discussion, bible study, learning songs, prayers etc.


The group meets from time to time to learn new songs and also to rehearse on some of our already learned and known songs.


YAF members have special days set aside when we meet to pray for the church, members and the group. Before we meet one of the members will be assigned to lead and prayer has helped and still helping the group very well. This is the time we meet to praise and worship our maker.

General issues

This is where we meet to discuss the concerns of the group, the executive Officers and members discuses and share ideals and views of the group and documents them for future references Preparation to lead in Church activities: Sometimes YAF is called to lead in church services and since we want to plan on time for such events, we meet to encourage members to play active roles in the activities’ of the church; so that when one is chosen at short notice to lead in any part of the activity, he or she can do and do it well without any difficulties


YAF participates in all programmes organised by the church and other activities such as weeklong activities, half night, revival and bible studies etc.

External Activities

The group participate at all meeting held at the District levels. Major Activates in the year: This year we were able to organise special outing to entertain members of the group. YAF shared in the joy of our new born babies in the church last year during their christening and members contributed immensely to make the occasions memorable.


This year a member of YAF has been made a Presbyter of the church. We also have an usher among as now. We can say we have been able to interact positively with all the other groups in the church and this is a great progress for us. The lord has been good to us. Conclusion: We appreciation the effort of our Minister, Rev. Edith Addo Yobo, Church Elders, church members, and all those who in their diverse ways helped YAF to progress to this stage. May the Good lord bless you all . It is our prayer that anyone who is at the age of 30 to 40 will join us. Amen